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Britain 2045. Scientists have finally discovered the elusive ‘comedy’ gene and, under an increasingly authoritarian state,  keen to eradicate a global pandemic and, at the same time quell dissent, citizens reformed to accept a vaccine that surpasses both the virus and the gene. But not everyone complies, and an underground movement is born. The Ministry of Social Decency send out squads of enforcers - soon dubbed the Comedy Police - to root out these dissidents. Punishments are severe and an air of oppression hangs over an already beleaguered and divided country. Alex, our heroine, is thrust into this world when her mother is unexpectedly taken by the police and she’s forced to go on the trail off her captors. A darkly satyrical and extremely prescient comedy with multiple storylines set in a richly unique world.

45 mins TV Series

Series Bible plus Pilot Episode available

B&W RR Distressed, Better letters  small

For details, or any other queries please contact

Alistair at  - or

Larry at

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