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Long before Ronnie Barker was a National Treasure and Britain’s favourite TV comedy star, he was a struggling actor, driven by his love of the theatre. More particularly, Repertory Theatre. A different show every week - quite often in the same costume and with never enough money to go around - this was where he honed his craft and, most importantly, fell in love with sound of an audience laughing. His recollections and anecdotes from these formative years will form the backbone of this joy-filled, sometimes rumbustious, TV comedy-drama. With the full (&rarely granted) approval of his family and

adapted for TV by his son, Larry Barker, this will be a delightful treat for fans and newcomers alike.

A peek into a long-vanished world and a side of Ronnie Barker we have never seen before.

90 min TV Comedy'Drama

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