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Based on the much-loved books, Merry Hall tells the story of society darling, Beverley Nichols, and his attempt to "get away from it all"  in a once-grand, but now fading, country house.  Against the advice of all his London chums he dives head-long into local life, not realising that London Society  has absolutely nothing on the  machinations of  a small English village. Set in post-war England, a cavalcade of eccentrics make this a charming comedy of manners with true international appeal.  6 x 60mins TV 


Miles Jupp, Myriam Margoyles, David Bradley, Mark Heap, Omiid Djalili & Kathleen Turner attached

Series Bible plus Episodes One & Two available.

B&W RR Distressed, Better letters  small
B&W RR Distressed, Better letters  small

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